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The process and purpose of goal setting
The process and purpose of goal setting Have you ever wondered why setting a goal is easy, but following through seems like one of life’s greatest challenges? If you have been tempted to settle with minor improvements, or give up after trying your new routine it might be time to re-evaluate the process and purpose <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
5 ways to boost your confidence every time
5 ways to boost your confidence every time   Okay, maybe you’re not looking for bone-chilling confidence to climb a skyscraper, but If you are looking for the next jump in your career, or major life change, you could be experiencing hardship from a lack of confidence. Not all of us experience the same confidence issues. <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Hacking your New Years resolutions
Hacking your New Years Resolutions- What actually made your month old resolutions fail. Ok so we are just over 1 month into the new year. You probably made a few resolutions, some personal, some physical, and some that affect others around you. For example, your 2019 fitness routine has only missed a few days, but <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Terror attack or business as usual?
A friend of mine recently told me about a terrorizing day and I wanted to share it with you guys! -2:04PM Winnipeg International Airport, January 28, 2019- Running down the gauntlet hallway of desperate passengers going both ways, screaming: “RUN,” like their life depended on it, I realized I might not make it in time. <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Actions? Or just words.
Whether you’re a coach motivating the team, a mountain climber climbing Everest, or a friend showing your love, it’s important you send straightforward messages. If your words aren’t consistent with your actions, you’re not only confusing your audience, but you may also be causing irreparable damage to your integrity. Have you ever felt like your own <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Measuring success
  Measuring your looks, worth, path in life or anything for that matter in comparison to others is not an accurate measurement at all. The only actual true measurement of your growth is you. How far have you come since yesterday? a week ago? a year ago? The key to shifting my whole life was <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Changing your mindset and shifting your perspective all boils down to the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on and it takes practice! A simple example of shifting your mindset would be practicing gratitude.  The more you practice gratitude, the more you feel grateful. <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Renovating your life
Hey friends, Renovating your life is similar to renovating a house. It can be easy or difficult and I can always guarantee, that it takes work. A new born baby has had little exposure to nature or nurture, a brand new house has had little exposure to the elements or people living in it. As a child <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
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