Jenna McInnes brings a vast amount of knowledge, experience, motivation and determination to help you examine and tap into the infinite potential of your life.  A hairstylist of over 20 years and always a student of life. Jenna has specialized in supporting, encouraging and championing people in helping them discover how to flourish and evolve into the best versions of themselves in order to live life to the fullest.


Jenna has been a student of the Bulletproof Training Institute studying Human Potential Coaching. Her training has helped her refine her skills and passionate heart for expanding potential in people.


Jenna has been a passionate hairstylist for over 20 years now and primarily focused on helping people achieve their physical appearance goals. While continuing a successful career within the hair industry, Jenna has transitioned to inspiring a shift in peoples perspectives. She empowers clients to discover the untapped resources and potential in all areas of life while supporting and holding space every step of the way.

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A life untapped, a runway not used, a lever not pulled. In life's journey there are many roads in which we all take. Some of us choose things by previous disposition, some by luck, and some by habit. Tapping into your potential is a formulated process in which multiple methods can be executed. A blueprint for your human potential can be created if your origin and destination are linked by a trustworthy trajectory. Not everyone trusts the path they are on in life. With human potential training & countless hours of research, learning and dedication, reaching your potential could be closer than you think.






- Your life's potential tapped, your life- lived charged, experiencing life to the fullest.-